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THUNDERSTONE is a futuristic live-action adventure series from the makers of 'Ocean Girl'. THUNDERSTONE recently won the 1999 BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) Award for Best International Program. This is an extraordinary achievement for world-leading Producer, Jonathan M. Shiff whose previous series OCEAN GIRL won the same award in 1998.

This extraordinary children's series is a favourite with children all over the world who delight in the epic story, the engaging young cast and the exotic Australian outback locations. Most enthralling are dozens of superb animals featured throughout the series including lions, tigers, elephants, koalas and even rats!

Spectacular sequences featuring the cast with Rhinos, Giraffes, Eland and other animals were filmed at Victoria's Open Range Zoo at Werribee and at the Melbourne Zoo. In the first series, a stunning sequence featuring Jeffrey and Rakhan, a Bengal Tiger was filmed at Dreamworld.

THUNDERSTONE 1 is an epic story of a future that might be.

Fifteen year old NOAH DANIELS is a young scientist living in the underground colony of NORTH COL. Above ground the surface of the world freezes in the grip of a seemingly endless winter after the impact of the NEMESIS COMET has destroyed all other life including the world's animals.

While accessing the virtual reality program in the NORTH COL Holodeck, NOAH accidentally time-travels into the future. He arrives in HAVEN, a time where the snow has thawed to reveal an exotic landscape. There he meets a tribe of young children known as NOMADS who live in hiding pursued by the evil warlord TAO and his band of PROTECTORS.

But the arrival of the animals angers TAO, and upsets his master plan of mining THUNDERSTONE, the all-powerful new mineral which the comet brought to the Earth.

NOAH and the NOMADS must fight a deadly battle with TAO to stop him possessing THUNDERSTONE, dominating the new world and destroying the animals - once lost forever but now saved by NOAH and ARUSHKA.

THUNDERSTONE 2 takes up the story when NOAH returns from NORTH COL to the future and to his friends the NOMADS. Together they must find a way of breaking the drought which threatens the animals of HAVEN as they fight a mysterious FAMILY led by the enigmatic MYAH whose interest in time-travel and the mineral THUNDERSTONE isn't at all that it seems. Finally NOAH and his friends face the toughest task of all - to change history itself.

In the third series of THUNDERSTONE (currently in production in Melbourne, Australia) Rebel teenagers from an Earth colony on the planet E Delta draw NOAH into a battle against his own destiny. NOAH and ARUSHKA are faced with their biggest challenge yet - to save not one, but two worlds.

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